Hotel bed linen

Supply of linen for hotels

Hotel linen from Tessitura Merelli is distinguished by the beauty of the colors and designs, and the quality of the fabrics, from Flanders to real Makò Egyptian cotton. Customers interested in ordering complete table or bed sets may contact our corporate headquarters in Leffe, in the Province of Bergamo.

All fabrics from our collection are produced entirely in Italy, in our two locations in the province of Bergamo.
The hotels serviced by Tessitura Merelli appreciate our offer of jacquard tablecloths in cotton, cotton/polyester and cotton/linen blends.
The Egyptian cotton Makò offered by us boasts some unique characteristics, such as high tensile strength, excellent breathability and gloss, and can be washed and ironed at high temperatures without suffering any damage.
For the most refined hotels we also offer linnen in cotton and cotton/linen blend - fresh, beautiful and very pleasant to the touch

Hotel linnen can be ordered plain or with trendy patterns and colours.
Colours and designs change according to the article: tablecloths, for example, feature smaller designs such as checkered or diamond patterns or fashionable combinations of multicolor stripes, whereas bed linen can be decorated with floral fantasies or small delicate patterns.

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