Textile supplies

Hotel textile supplies

Tessitura Merelli is long-standing operator in the textiles industry. We are equipped with the latest technologies in electronic looms for the production of jacquard
fabrics in pure cotton, cotton/linen and damask in fine Egyptian cotton.
Our ranges boast numerous colours and designs, available to view at the headquarters in Via Roma 35/37, Leffe, Province of Bergamo.

We are textile suppliers in the Bergamo area, catering to hotels, restaurants and accommodations that need textiles for restaurants, bed and bath. In particular, we
offer textile products of cotton and beautiful jacquard satins, obtained by interweaving cotton and polyester. The two fibers are woven together to create designs in the Baroque, Provençal and many trendy geometric styles. The colours of the fabrics remain full-bodied and vibrant even after several washings, thanks to the peculiarities of the polyester, which retains colours virtually unchanged over time. 
The shades of our cotton products also remain bright over time, thanks to the special treatments of all our fabrics, which protects the beautiful colours from fading in the hot washes.

The company Tessitura Merelli also produces linen, cover-down duvets and top-sheets.
All items offer innovative and exclusive designs and can be customized with fine embroidery in any color.

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